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Dominic Umile writes about comics and other books. He formerly covered new music for REMIX, THE BROOKLYN RAIL, ORLANDO WEEKLY, MIAMI NEW TIMES, and more.

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Cover for as long as it rains article

Post: For As Long As It Rains

Comics creator Sylvie-Anne “Zviane” Ménard follows two lovers around an austere but enviably spacious mid-century modern cabin in For As Long As It Rains.

2004 11 08 tomine subway rgb 670 article

Post: Adrian Tomine and the "before and after"

On Adrian Tomine's new comic, his recent magazine work, and a big book from Drawn & Quarterly.

Mcnaught nyt big article

Post: Light and liveliness in Jon McNaught's comics

A short survey of UK artist Jon McNaught's 2014 comics and whimsical illustrations.

Here blog 1 article

Post: Richard McGuire's 'Here'

Richard McGuire's full-color graphic novel 'Here' was originally conceived 25 years ago as a comic strip and published in RAW magazine.

Open uri20140517 2744 f4ug31 article

Post: Meags Fitzgerald's 'Photobooth: A Biography'

Meags Fitzgerald's debut graphic novel is one-half diary comics-styled storytelling and one-half comprehensive history of vintage photo booths.

Open uri20140428 20551 wlgm2z article

Post: Jess Ruliffson's 'Invisible Wounds'

Artist and writer Jess Ruliffson tells war veterans' stories through the comics medium.

Open uri20140305 25546 1di094q article

Post: PRINT, Sean Howe, and Wallace Wood

On PRINT Magazine's extensive feature on the history of comics censorship.

Open uri20140328 14996 jbu5hr article

Post: Symbolia, Susie Cagle, Dan Archer, and more

A round-up of worthwhile comics journalism/graphic reportage.

Open uri20140315 25194 w71k4a article

Post: Caribbean Horror in 'Duppy '78'

Warring gangs squabble for territory in 'Duppy ’78,' a new hallucinatory whirlwind of sometimes gory, drug trade-fueled violence and Jamaican ghost-story horror from UK publisher Com.X.

1028505 artforum s comics heavy summer issue  article

Post: ARTFORUM's Comics-Heavy Summer Issue

Even in steamy July, we get lukewarm results from an ambitious, comics-heavy ARTFORUM summer issue.

1028507 the wrenchies copra  article

Post: The Wrenchies, COPRA

On Farel Dalrymple's impossibly detailed graphic novel and Michel Fiffe's weird, neon-streaked superheroes.

1028511 inside joe simon and jack kirby s studio article

Post: Inside Joe Simon and Jack Kirby's Studio

Curated and edited by writer and comics historian Mark Evanier, The Art of the Simon and Kirby Studio is a massive coffee table comics treasury.

Perfetto clip article

Post: Comics: A Global History, 1968 to the Present

Looking at a voluminous cross-section of the international comics publishing landscape called Comics: A Global History, 1968 to the Present.