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Dominic Umile writes about comics and other books. He formerly covered new music for REMIX, THE BROOKLYN RAIL, ORLANDO WEEKLY, MIAMI NEW TIMES, and more.

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Open uri20140216 15974 1qzx88y article

PopMatters: Becky Cloonan's DIY Comics

Gothic-styled heartbreak figures into Becky Cloonan's self-published trilogy, but that ain't the half of it.

Open uri20130328 15959 vpl0zr article

PopMatters: Congo Horrors Reported Graphically for 'Army of God'

A difficult new work of nonfiction graphic journalism chronicles human rights atrocities in Central Africa.

67675 feature green river killer and the stuff of nightmares original20121008 10454 i34e74 article

PopMatters: 'Green River Killer' and the Stuff of Nightmares

Serial killer Gary Ridgway's legacy is horrific, and the 'Green River Killer' graphic novel sheds light on this tragedy's most marginalized victims.

Open uri20131201 27603 m7gzw0 article

PopMatters: Garden State Greaser Noir in 'Iron Bound'

Most of the action in Brendan Leach's graphic novel 'Iron Bound' boils over with smashed car fenders and swollen knuckles in Newark, New Jersey.

Open uri20130118 9224 1av53ua article

PopMatters: Obituary Writing from the Desk of a 'Daytripper'

For Daytripper, Brazilians Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá explored a volley of riches and failure from the desk of an obituary writer.

Open uri20130509 31758 33mgi3 article

PopMatters: Comics Creator Matt Kindt's 'Fine Art'

Each page that comics creator Matt Kindt produces is marked by an ability to communicate nostalgia that is immediate and striking.

47519 feature torture and dmz s argument through comment and comics original20121008 10454 kk3w6 article

PopMatters: Torture and 'DMZ'

Brian Wood's comic series 'DMZ' is a work of extremes, but its parallels to our real-life civil liberties crackdown are integral to the story.

37834 feature civil unrest panel by panel original20121008 10454 13pynec article

PopMatters: Civil Unrest, Panel by Panel

Writer Mark Long reconstructs childhood memories to depict Houston's monumental and harrowing events in a black & white graphic novel called 'The Silence of Our Friends.'

Open uri20130111 12797 fugai5 article

PopMatters: 'Only Skin's' Infinite Unknown

The forest in Sean Ford's strange and beautiful graphic novel is a vast, intimidating place.

Open uri20140217 31483 1wlouz7 article

PopMatters: The Visual Blitz in Graphic Novel 'Babble'

Comics artist Bryan Coyle drafts recollection and current day settings in 'Babble' with the use of powerful aesthetic shifts.

Open uri20130426 3662 1hq9lkm article

PopMatters: The Visual Blitz in Graphic Novel 'Babble'

Comics artist Bryan Coyle drafts recollection and current day settings in 'Babble' with the use of powerful aesthetic shifts.

Open uri20121016 16205 6be4el article

PopMatters: Diary of a Drones Developer in 'Think Tank'

Writer Matt Hawkins couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate time to introduce Think Tank, a new black & white monthly comic about a US weapons developer.

103346 feature a dearth of contrition in fishtown  article

PopMatters: A Dearth of Contrition in 'Fishtown'

Kevin Colden's 'Fishtown' tells the story of a real-life Philadelphia murder and a jarring scarcity of contrition.

6724 essay ray bradbury wrote me back original20121008 10454 1e317hu article

PopMatters: Ray Bradbury Wrote Me Back

My affinity for Ray Bradbury's work is rooted in his accidental novels, as well as in the collections that plunder what is seemingly a limitless vault of manuscripts.

Open uri20121115 11756 s49gv5 article

PopMatters: Stephen King's Debt to Horror Comics

Crusty old horror comics have played a significant role in the work of author Stephen King.