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Dominic Umile writes about comics and other books. He formerly covered new music for REMIX, THE BROOKLYN RAIL, ORLANDO WEEKLY, MIAMI NEW TIMES, and more.

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Fcf4 article

HYPERALLERGIC: 1950s Horror Comics

A close look at American horror comics of the 1950s and the censorship campaign that killed them off.

Bestwecoulddocover article

HYPERALLERGIC: 'The Best We Could Do'

On Thi Bui's comics debut -- an effort to understand the refugee experience and her place in her family's history.

Monsters 021 article
Chicago Reader

CHICAGO READER: 'My Favorite Thing Is Monsters'

Creatures invade 1960s Chicago in 'My Favorite Thing Is Monsters.'

Cheapnovelties 768x611 article

HYPERALLERGIC: A Fictional Photographer Chronicles a Changing City

On the photographic sensibility of Ben Katchor's comics.

Poster mines low article

HYPERALLERGIC: Comics that Bend and Borrow from Reality

On the hallucinatory drawings and comics in Sean Karemaker's 'The Ghosts We Know.'

9780674504516 copy article
Chicago Reader

CHICAGO READER: 'Disaster Drawn'

University of Chicago professor and comics scholar Hillary Chute argues for recognizing comics as a documentary form.

Threadbare deliajean article

HYPERALLERGIC: 'Threadbare' and Horrors of the Global Garment Industry

Threadbare’s comics and essays demonstrate how the apparel industry is “keeping women in poverty around the world.”

20160317 speedreads 12 345x521 article

WASHINGTON CITY PAPER: Batman and the Rise of Nerd Culture

In The Caped Crusade: Batman and the Rise of Nerd Culture, NPR critic Glen Weldon examines DC Comics’ most relatable property.

Eternaut cover article

HYPERALLERGIC: 'The Eternaut' and Héctor Germán Oesterheld

On 'The Eternaut' and Argentinian comics pioneer Héctor Germán Oesterheld, who was kidnapped by his own government in 1977.

Cover for as long as it rains article

Post: For As Long As It Rains

Comics creator Sylvie-Anne “Zviane” Ménard follows two lovers around an austere but enviably spacious mid-century modern cabin in For As Long As It Rains.

Chester brown article

WASHINGTON CITY PAPER: Chester Brown at Politics & Prose

In a confrontational collection of new comics, Chester Brown challenges widely held ideas about sex workers in the Bible.

The fwa 01 q34f article


Matt Huynh's interactive comic is an adaptation of Nam Le's "The Boat," a short story about the plight of Vietnamese "boat people."

20150910 speedreads2 37 345x494 article

WASHINGTON CITY PAPER: 'Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen'

Real-world obstacles so often encountered by creative types temper the vintage sci-fi weirdness in Dylan Horrocks's Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen.

Longredhair article

HYPERALLERGIC: Two Comics Memoirs Recount Tales of Coming Out & Life in Brooklyn

Memoir comics from Dean Haspiel trace his life in NYC and Meags Fitzgerald recounts what shaped her self-perspective.

Cover 111215 article
Chicago Reader

CHICAGO READER: Architecture and Comics (Cover Story)

A Chicago Architecture Biennial event unpacks the interdisciplinary history between comics and architecture.